Welder hook up

Ready Welder II #10000-CS - Pirate 4x4 It also would allow you to weld aluminum, if you had an AC power supply. Second, my existing shop welder is a constant voltage M welder, to which I can connect the #10000-CS for use as a spool gun for welding aluminum.

Modifying the Harbor Freht 120v welder if you already own one. Costs maybe 15 bucks- b chunk of bronze, usually. This setup, the one described above, with a regulator, argon tank, and a scratch start air cooled t torch, will get you started t welding, for about 0 plus an argon tank. The weld ends up being colder, less penetration, the slag gets. I wanted the heat sink to be in the cooling airstream, to connect to the.

How to wire a 50 Amp breaker and plug for a welder - YouTube Which means you get lots of practice sharpening tungstens. The cheap (around 0) air cooled scratch start t torch will have a knob rht on the torch handle to turn on and off the argon flow. I'm getting my work shop ready to do some welding and fabricating. One of the first things you need to have in a welding shop is a welder.


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