Hook up bathtub drain

Devcon® Bathtub Epoxy Repair Kit Chemical products may work to open the drain, but running a snake through the line is generally necessary. A good automated backflow valve is the best solution to avoiding a basement drain overflow that lets water in the basement. Comments about Devcon® Bathtub Epoxy Repair Kit 90216 As has been stated before, this stuff sets fast. Once you mix the product, apply as fast as you can.

How can I hook up my bathtub drain After 30 days, please contact the manufacturer directly. That seems to be the most effective way to cut down on water consumption, rht?

What you need if your basement drain is In this case, usually due to hh levels of rainfall temporarily raising the overall water table, the system will be overwhelmed. When properly installed with a required minimum slope of 2% (or more), water and effluent leaving the dwelling works to continuously self-clean the gate, keeping it free and ready to seal when you need it most. If your basement drain is backing up, your best solution may be a Mainline backwater valve.


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