How do i hook up my amp and subs

Amp/subs on stock bose headunit - Chevy Trailblazer SS Forum. __________________ Hit me up anytime: 803-513-7881 | '07 TBSS 3SS 2WD | Black Powder Coated Wheels | SLP Dual Exit Exhaust w/ DMH E-Cutout | Moroso Wires and TR6 Plugs | IEATSRT8 CAI and HSRK | LS1 Cooling Fans w/ PCMFor Less Kit | Lingenfelter 160 Degree Thermostat | PCMFor Less Trans Cooler | HP Tuners w/ Fast Motorsports Tune and Dashhawk to monitor | DJM Kit | Addco F/R Sway Bars | R1 Concept Rotors | Nitto 420S 265/50R20 You can do speaker level if your amp will accept the snal; the downside to this is that your getting an input that has been processed by BOSE. I have the factory bose/6disk and want to add subs and amp to it, ed. my JL Audio w7 which i have hooked up to my factory bose system.

Subwoofer directly to head unit Audio/Video & Navation Systems. I used the PAC module that most folks talk about on the forum to get an un-BOSE processed line level input, for like off Amazon, It jumps in between the stock harness at the head unit OR the BOSE amp in the rear passenger side of the cargo area behind the trim panel. A sub without an amp wont give you any results. IMO, one can connect the sub directly to the speaker out on the HU but that will. Rear SP S/W connection.

Sub & Amp with stock head unit - write up - Jeep. One says come on up line out converter for 30$ and your set. the other says it will not work period unless you buy a 0 bypass module because its a bose. ive had a camaro with bose in the past and lineout on it worked perfectly. I just tapped into the speaker wires coming from the Bose Amp in the rear to get the snal because my amp has speaker wire inputs that can be used instead of the RCAs. The only time you need the bypass module is when you change out the head unit to be able to keep the bose amp and inputs. I used a PAC SNI-15 to wire my amp up and connected it to the speaker. input connection, so does this mean that I don't need to hook up the.

How to Hook Up Your New Subwoofer - Collaborate Worship This piece also has a provision for a remote amp turn on lead which you will may also need. Well you could always do a simple line out converter which taps into the rear speaker snals. Feb 10, 2012. The connection sequence for a subwoofer goes like this soundboard - amp - sub. The soundboard - amp connection is usually with a stage.

How to Install a Car Amp - Installing a DIY Car Amplifier I have the factory bose/6disk and want to add subs and amp to it, ed two different audio places and got two different answers. Mar 27, 2014. Most amps will come with a complete wiring kit. But if yours does not, you'll. Ensure the ground wire connection is to bare metal. Remove any.

How to hook up a car sub in a home theater Tech Support Guy There are some products out there though that are essentially LOC's but a little hher quality. I already have a powered sub hooked up to a home theater amp, but i don't. Though oddly enough the last four dits are the same as my.


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